The Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Group (JMSC) comprises volunteers who are interested in learning about the marine environment, assisting in maintaining the Sanctuary and generally enjoying the marine sanctuary.

Members of the group include snorkelers  and SCUBA divers, and people who are just happy to assist the Group and enjoy the Sanctuary from the shore line.  For more about Jawbone and Victoria's Marine Sanctuary Network go to About

JMSC is very active in a number of projects, including seagrass monitoring, fish counts, culls of the invasive Northern Pacific Seastar, habitat mapping, development of a photographic inventory of all species within the Sanctuary, sub-tidal monitoring and various education activities.

These activities may be carried out in support of Parks Victoria and Australian University sponsored projects, or with various local schools. 

Members also enjoy recreational diving and snorkeling at weekends, whenever the mood and weather permits.  Events

Anyone who is interested in our activities and wishes to know more, check out our FaceBook Page at

If you'd like to join the group, please go to our Contacts pageContact Us